Throwback Thursday Vol.60 – N.O.R.E – Supert Thug (What What What)

N.O.R.E aka PAPI




Finals Playlist part 1

So I know some of you may be in college, and finals may be coming up for you soon. Finals for me is in starts a week from this Monday. So I though I would make a playlist of songs that represent that exam struggle and hopefully help you get through. I have the list but I’m going to revel one song for the next 7 days. For the first song on the list we have Virginia’s ¬†dynamic duo

The ClipseGrindin 

This is for everyone grindin out in the library. For those trying to catch up on 500 pages of reading. What better way to study for hours then to listen to rhymes of the Clips and the production of The Neptunes.

Hope you enjoy and Do work!

Kyle Moody

Colliding days

Its Wednesday that means it’s neither the start of the week nor the end it’s like two world colliding. Theres the boring, work filled part of the week with Sunday, Monday, Tuesday coming together with the fun days of the week in Thursday, Friday Saturday. It’s like two worlds combining to join forces to make a whole new day in Wednesdays. Enough of this crazy talk lets get to the music

Pusha T- Trouble on My Mind (ft Tyler the Creator)

Who else could have put the hipsters with the felons and thugs?