New Feature – Freestyle Wednesdays – Lloyd Banks with Funk Flex


Yup another new feature!!! If your a rapper and you can’t do a radio freestyle then your not a legit rapper. So I figure every Wednesday I’m going to highlight a freestyle. To kick things off we have NY, G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks spitting bars on the Funkmaster Flex show




So today is the 10 year anniversary to 50 cent’s classic debut studio album Get Rich or Die Tryin.¬†This album means a ton to me because it was the first ever rap album that I bought with my money. I loved everything about this album, and I will always love 50 cent for really getting me into rap. I still have my original copy of the album and I still listen to it every once in a while. I actually have two copies of the album because when I first bought the album my Mom would only let me get the clean version because I was pretty young at the time. Still when I first blasted that album in my C.D player I was so happy, I loved that album so much I used to tell my family that I was part of GGGGGGGGGGG – UNIT. I eventually formed K-UNIT, when I was younger to be like 50. I even bought a baby blue 50 Cent Hat because I loved the album so much. Get Rich or Die Tryin is one of my personal favorite albums of all time, and is a true classic.

50 CentBack Down 

My favorite song on the album and the official nail in the coffin to Ja Rules career. This song I feel personifies what 50 cent is as rapper, the rap games bad guy.

Happy 10th Fif