New Video – Bodega Bamz – Glorious

Bodega Bamz!

Tan Boys





Jaboys Picks of the Week Vol.14

I’m going to do something different for the picks of the week now! I’m going to post one song that overall is my pick of the week but also post a link to the 4 other songs that deserve love in your playlist!


LUDACRIS – ACT A FOOL.  This song is in memory of the late Paul Walker who is actually in this video as this song was a promo song for 2 Fast 2 Furious which Luda was in!

The Rest

Schoolboy Q – Sex Drive

Bodega Bamz – Don Fransisco

Jay Z – Run This Town

Earl Sweatshirt- Whoa

You Can find the videos HERE

Jaboys Picks of the Week Vol.8 BEAST COAST EDITION!

Ever wanted to hear what all the fuss is about the BEAST COAST! Well I got some tracks for you then! BEAST COAST can best be described as the new New York rap generation! All these guys are really talented and you should definitely give each a chance!

1. Flatbush Zombies – Face Off

2. Joey Bada$$ – Waves

3. Bodega Bamz – SAY AMEN (ft. A$AP “TRAP LORD” FERG)

4. Worlds Fair – 96 KNICKS

5. The Underachievers  – Herb Shuttles

Who said NY rap is dead.