Top 25 Rap Tracks 20-16

Continuing the countdown….

20. Future- Same Damn Time

This track perfectly describes the multi tasking generation. Honestly whenever I did two things at the same time I would think to my self “Making lunch, doing home work at the same damn time.” Hopefully in two years Future will still be around, only time will tell.

19. Mellow Hype- La Bonita

Mellow Hype’s album Numbers was pretty underwhelming but this track was the one bright spot. Left Brains production on the track was superb, and the duo drops some pretty fun bars. Perfect track for those pursing their own Ms. La Bonita.

18. Meek Mill- Burn (ft Big Sean)

If you ever want an example of two artist “Going In” on a beat look no further than Burn. 

17. Joey Bada$$-  FromdaTomb (ft. Chuck Strangers)

It’s weird to think that a 17 year old kid is brining back the 90’s but that is exactly what Joey Bada$$ is doing. This track in particular has a nice flowing jazz beat, which incorporates some really nice sounding D.J scratches. The rhymes and flow of Joey and Chuck are also on point. These kids are proving the 90’s are still alive!

16. Meek Mill- Amen (ft. Drake)

Finally, Churches have something to play on Sunday…….well maybe not. Wait why is Drake on this track he’s Jewish? Oh well it’s still a very solid track that is fun to sing a long to.