The Boyz


22 year old graduate St. Olaf College, in Minnesota. Play Lax, study English, Russian, History & Politics and currently writing for his college newspaper on Rap Reviews. Has an insane love for rap, hip hop, R&B.

Grew up in White Plains, NY.

Amount of songs in iTunes: 6670

Most Underrated Rapper/s In Game: Fly Union 

Best Overall Rapper: Jay-Z 

Most Overrated Rapper- Young Jeezy (Sorry ATL)


21 year old student. Studies Psychology and Advertising. Besides Hip-Hop he loves the NBA, especially  irrationally rooting for the New York Knicks.

Grew up in White Plains,NY


Most Underrated Rapper- Schoolboy Q

Favorite Rapper (not named Jay Z)- Kanye West

Most Overrated Rapper- Wiz Khalifa 



Hit us up on twitter @TheRealKmoods


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