Album Review – 50 Cent – Animal Ambition



50 Cent Animal Ambition Review.

Hey world sorry I have been M.I.A for the past couple weeks. I graduated college, have been working like crazy, and have been caught up in crazy life events. I’M BACK though,  for the one and only 50 CENT!

Before we start I must note 50 Cent is one of my favorite artist. 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin was the first album I ever bought back in 2003. It’s the album that got me into rap, and it’s personal favorite albums of all time. So needless to say I’m a little biased and am writing this as a 50 Cent fan.

Animal Ambition marks the return of 50 Cent. This is 50’s sixth studio album and his first since 2009! The rap game since 2009 has changed a lot. Jeans are tighter, rappers are faker, and sensitivity is at an all time high. Rapper are now friends/lovers/groupies, and it mainstream rap has turned into one DJ Khaled record with Future on the hook.

Well I can say that rap’s ultimate bad guy, 50 CENT is back to wreak havoc on the rap game.!

Animal Ambition doesn’t break any new ground. It’s not 50’s best work, and the production seems somewhat old at times. That being said 50’s energy and flow care the album. 50 covers a lot of the same fromula he does on most of his albums. He has a club song (Don’t Worry Bout It), a street record  (Hold On), a radio hit for the ladies (Smoke), smooth song (Pilot), hard core record (Irregular Heartbeat) and of course a song about hustling (I’m A Hustler) and somewhat experimental song (Animal Ambition), among other songs.

Even though 50 follows a very familiar formula, he still is able to make it work. 50 Cent’s best trait as a rapper is his versatility . A lot of rappers sound corny when they do a love song, then immediately do a song about shooting people in the face. 50 though is one of the few rappers who can pull off both.

It seems that with Animal Ambition that 50 is really talking about his life at this very moment. Sure he acknowledges his past, but it seems like he’s evolved from a street boss, to a corporate boss who happens to be from the streets. 50 is not the greatest lyrists but his flow and energy help make each song sound great.

The production is quite solid. Dr. Dre even took time to do a song (Smoke) and it’s no surprise that Smoke might be the biggest hit on the whole album. Overall the album sounds like what a 50 Cent album should sound like. If you have listened to an old 50 Cent album this album will sound very familiar, which is not a bad thing

This album is what 50 Cent fans want. Sure 50 could have tried some new flows, or tried to rap on some new type of beats, but hey it’s 50 cent. Sometimes you’re just happy that legends  are still making quality music.





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