Lorde – Tour – REVIEW


A Hip-Hop Blogger at a Lorde concert! WAIT WHAT!I know what you are thinking. WHY ARE YOU AT A LORDE CONCERT LORDE HATES HIP HOP, HAVEN’T YOU HEARD THAT RACIST SONG ROYALS. Stop that right now Royals is not racist, if you think it is I feel bad for you. You also may be wondering why am I posting about a Pop singer on a Hip Hop site. Well first and foremost, Lorde is really good. Also she got a fair amount of air time on R&B and Hip Hop radio stations. If you love Hip Hop and R&B, give Lorde a chance I’m sure you will like her, and if you are new here check out some great Hip-Hop on our site, even if you don’t like Hip Hop I’m sure you will find something that will catch you ear. Part of the reason I’m posting this review here is because I am strong believer of listening to EVERY GENERE of music and I feel as though people get stuck within a particular genre of music. People should expand there music taste. Heck that’s why this site was created in the first place. Enough with the intro lets get to the TOUR!

Last night was Lorde second night at the legendary Roseland Ball Room in New York City. Going into the concert I had heard mixed things about her live performance. On one end I heard she was flawless, on the other I heard she was nothing without auto tune. I tried to keep an open mind and to have as little expectations as possible.

The show was scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. My sister and I got their a little late around 7:30, fortunately the opening act didn’t come on till 8:00 p.m. Lo Fang opened for Lorde. I had heard a little of Lo Fang before the show, but I was for the most part pretty unfamiliar with his work. Lo Fang was okay, a little slow for my likening but I did appreciate his instrument changing and playing the violin like a guitar. He performed for about 30mins.



Next up after a short break was Lorde. She came on around 9:00 p.m to nothing but a microphone, smoke, and a huge certain behind her. Right off the bight I noticed her hair. People always talk about her hair, and how big it is. Sure you can see pictures of her on the internet, videos, and all that, but until you see her live you will never understand the full magnitude of her hair and how truly unique it is.

Lorde started off her set with Glory and Gore. What seemed like out of no where the curtain dropped and reveled a back drop of lights, video, and a backup band. She continued through mostly songs off of Pure Heroin. Her specical effects included different arrangements of lights and smoke, with certain songs, like 400 Lux,  getting a video back drop to them.

Lorde herself had a somewhat awkward stage presence. She was trying to dance, but her dancing was just a shoulder shake forward, and a lot of the time she stayed in one place. Though Lorde is still very young ( only 17!) so it’s understandable that she hasn’t nailed live performance just yet. Seeing her live though she really does seem a lot older then her age indicates. It’s somewhat ironic since during the show she has a great fear of growing up. Overall though her signing and presence was very strong

The crowd was so-so. They seemed not to get load often and only responded to big hits like Tennis Court, Team, and of course Royals. I know most concerts, people like to pull out phones and take pictures, but it seemed like at this one so many phones were out trying to get a video or a picture, even though with the lighting and smoke it was almost impossible to get a good picture. It got to the point where it was kind of annoying. There were a lot of young teenage girls at the venue so it’s no surprised the smart phones were out and about. That being said there were a lot of 20 something girls and guys in the crowed, and surprising amount of 30 + looking people.




The crowd aside, Lorde put on a fantastic show, worthy of seeing if you are a fan! I highly recommend seeing her, and make sure you actually BUY her album/songs. Support GOOD MUSIC!




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