Baller, futuristic, groovy, gangster with an attitude!

Schoolboy Q dropped his second studio album and his sophomore effort does not disappoint. For those not familiar, Schoolboy Q is an L.A rapper signed to TDE. He first dropped his mixtape Setbacks in 2011, followed by a full length album a year latter with Habits and Contradictions. TDE as  a whole blew up with the rise in popularity of Kendrick Lamar. Though this isn’t about Kendrick Lamar, this is about Schoolboy Q and how he has defined himself as one of the top rappers in the game.

Schoolboy Q is one of the few hardcore, grimy, gangster rappers still succeeding on a mainstream level. His level of storytelling has stepped up greatly. The amount of detail he goes into about growing up on the streets, in such songs such as Hoover Street, is quite amazing. Also songs like Prescription/Oxymoron show how deep Schoolboy Q can go, and how drugs almost derailed his life.

Production wise the album is solid, boasting beats from Pharrell, Tyler The Creator, and The Alchemist, among others. Schoolboy Q though can sound great on any beat due to his range of flows and inflections. Some of the songs don’t even really sound like him due to the type of range that Schoolboy unleashes on Oxymoron. On Los Awesome Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock sound absolutely crazy and on drugs. While on songs like Blind Threats Schoolboy slows down his flow to a more traditional rap form.

The guest on the album do not disappoint either. From legends such as Kurupt to Raekwon The Chef, to new kids like B.J The Chicago Kid, and SZA, all the features make sense and fit in the narrative of the album.

If you are interested in Oxymoron you should definitely check it out and take a trip to FIGG SIDE!




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