2 Chainz – 2 GOOD TO BE T.R.U Tour Review


3 artist, 2 Chainz, 1 experience.

This past weekend I went to catch 2 chainz perform, with Pusha T and August Alsina serving as openers.

The show was set to start at 8:00 p.m so I decided to arive around 8:30 since I figured there is no way they even start till 9:00 p.m. I was wrong because by the time I got there August Alsina was already performing. Truthfully I had no idea he was even performing until I got there, he was a late switch for Chicago rapper Cap-1.

August Alsina though was pretty good. I had never heard of him before the show but he is an R&B singer who has a little bit of R.Kelly in his voice, which is never a bad thing. He finished around 8:45 p.m and shorty after Pusha T came on to perform.

untitled (2)
Pusha T


Honestly, I was more excited to see Pusha T then the headlining act 2 chainz. I am personally a huge Pusha T fan dating back to the days with The Clipse and Re-Up Gang. Also Pusha T recently dropped an album called MY NAME IS MY NAME, so I wanted to see how those songs would sound in a live setting. Pusha T tore down the stage, playing mostly a mix of MY NAME IS MY NAME, and his mixtape WRATH OF CAIN.

During the middle of his set he played some G.O.O.D music features that he has done since becoming a full blown solo artist. It was nice to hear but I wish he had taken the time to play at least one or two songs from FEAR OF GOD.

Pusha T even used August Alsina as his R&B hook man, which was a nice touch. He ended his set with a Clipse classic, Gindin. I’m glad he only played one Clipse song becasue without his brother, Clipse songs are just not the same. Pusha T got a suprising amount of set time, about 50 minutes overall by my count. Which was great because Pusha T killed it, which set the standard high the main event, 2 Chainz.

Before 2 Chainz came on, some random the person behind me asked me “Boy you look worn out from Pusha are you going to make it through Chainz”. Unfortunately she was right, I had sung a long to all of Pusha T’s set, thus I was a little tired, but as soon as 2 Chainz came on, all my energy came back!

untitled (3)
2 Chainz


2 chainz opened with a short movie which had a bunch of clips of famous figures. Figures such as Malcom X, Mike Tyson, Barrack Obama, P.Diddy, 2 Pac, Wayne Gretzky, etc. It was kind of a odd montage of people and in the background Victory by Puff Daddy was playing. 2 Chainz ended up coming out and he went right into his set. He played a lot of songs of his new album B.O.A.T II Me Time. He also played a lot of his guest features that he has done in the last 2 years. During his set he would leave and play a short movie scenes of him doing certain activities like trapping, and spending time with his women.

The concert in true 2 chainz fashion was filled with energy and charisma. My only issue was the fact that a lot of 2 chainz songs have other people on them and unfortantly none of those guest came in on stage. 2 chainz concerts really make you relize how much 2 chainz relies on other people. He only had a couple of songs that were just him and him alone, but that has more to do with todays rap scene more than 2 chainz himself.  2 chainz played for about an hour and then left with no encore.

It was a great show, I highly recomend going if you have the chance!





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