Wu Tang Clan’s Enter the 36 Chambers turns 20 today!!!!


Today is a special day in Hip-Hop, the legendary Wu Tang Clan released their debut album Enter the 36 Chambers. I personally LOVE this album, it ranks 6th all time in my favorite Hip-Hop albums. If you haven’t listned to it in full I strongly recommend you do. This album was responsible for launching Wu mania, and led to classic solo albums from various Clan members. Say what you want about the other albums following 36 Chambers, but in my opinion 36 Chambers is the best Wu Tang related album of all time. Yes better then, The Purple Tape, Liquid Swords, and Supreme Cliental, but that’s just my opinion. I was listing to a Grantland podcast and they were describing 36 chambers like The Avengers. Which makes sense these 9 dudes from New York City teamed up, each with their own unique style and changed the world forever. Not only that this album can be seen as the foundation of what East Coast Hip-Hop is supposed to sound like.

Clan in Da Front

Da Mystery of Chessboxin


Wu Tang Forever




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