Hey for those who don’t know it’s True York’s BIRTHDAY. This day a year ago, Bur and I started True York. Our goal was/is to give the world of HIP-HOP even more exposer! I’m really happy how much support we have gotten from our viewer around the world and I wanted to personally say THANK YOU! This blog has opened up a lot of opportunities for me, I have gotten to interview rappers, I got to appear on Jay Z YouTube page, and I got to share with the world my favorite genre.

I always told my self that I wanted to give back to HIP-HOP. I try my hardest represent Hip-Hop because it’s always been there for me. Whether I’m at a party, getting TURNT UP, or trying to relax after a long day, Hip-Hop has helped me tremendously in life. Just by listening to some Jay Z or Dipset I feel like I absorb a part of them, and my confidence sky rockets. At this point in my life I don’t know if I could function without listening to Hip-Hop on daily basis.

I hope you guys have been enjoying TRUE YORK as much as I have, and if this is your first time viewing TRUE YORK your in for a treat because were going even harder in year 2.

I have over 44 SONGS to share with for our 1 year BIRTHDAY. The first 22 songs, are Hip-Hop songs mean A LOT TO ME for different reasons. The second 22 songs are just DOPE songs in general. Check them out listen to what you want, who knows you may find something you love in this mix!

True York Birthday Bash Pt.1  (First set of 22 Songs)

True York Birthday Bash Pt.2 ( Second set of 22 Songs)


Kyle “Jaboy” Moody


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