J.Cole – Wale – What Dreams May Come Tour – Review


J.Cole – Wale  “What Dreams May Come Tour” Live from Milwaukee, Tour Review 

Hey world, last night I was at the J.Cole -Wale concert and I must say it was an excellent show. I was quite close to the stage, there were probably like 4 or 5 people ahead of me, in a pretty crowded, sold out, venue. First up to perform was the Dreamville  Bas. For those who don’t know Bas he was on Born Sinner on the song New York Times. He is from South Side Jamaica Queens, which as New Yorker always brings a smile to my heart. Bas was okay he didn’t have that much time to perform but he made the most of it.


Bas The Rapper 
Next up was Wale. Say what you want about Wale but he always brings a lot of energy to the stage. He performed his hits from Ambition and The Gifted and even some of his earlier hits like Pretty Girls, and Chillen. The highlight I must say was seeing his two hype men had the same chain as Wale, but one hype man had a medium sized version and the other had a smaller version chain that Wale was rocking. It was kind of weird he only performed for like 30 mins, but it was okay because that meant more time for J.Cole




After Wale, it was the main event J.COLE. Cole performed with a live band, and back up singers. Cole even had a movie set up that was telling a little story during the concert. I won’t ruin it for those who haven’t seen it but it was cool. Cole had a lot of  time to perform so he did a lot of tracks from Born Sinner and Sideline Story. He also did some tracks from his earlier mix-tapes, like The Warm Up which was nice to hear. Overall it was an phenomenal show and I highly recommend going!







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