Lil Wayne – Dedication 5 – You Song (ft.Chance the Rapper)

I just listened to Lil Wayne’s Dedication 5. Too be honest I was scared to. The Lil Wayne that I and a lot of rap fans grew up on is long gone and to here this version of Lil Wayne is kind of sad at times. Dedication 5 is not as bad as recent Lil Wayne projects, it’s definitely A LOT better than D4. It wont make you think that Lil Wayne is back in his prime, but at least it’s somewhat tolerable. He seems like he knows he’s fallen off a little bit. Wayne seems hungry. Hopefully he can improve off this and be more consistent with his future projects.

This is one of the highlights of the mixtape. I honestly feel like Wayne does better on these kind of beats. Stuff like this and his verse on Big Sean’s Beware are actually pretty good, given Wayne’s recent history.




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