TYB Examines – RZA/Black Keys – The Baddest Man Alive


Welcome to TYB Examines in which either Bur or Jaboy will take a look at a Hip-Hop related video. We know some of these videos can be very confusing, so were hoping to help guide you to better understand the crazy world of HIP-HOP. If you have an recommendations let us know. Today we are taking a look at RZA/Black Keys – THE BADDEST MAN ALIVE

Just watched RZA’s MOVIE The Man With The Iron Fists, and I must say it’s highly entertaining. You should watch it, if you like Kung-Fu films. I figured out of respect to the Abbot, I would take a look at the lead single for the movie’s soundtrack. It’s more of a Black Keys song then a RZA but it’s still real good.

SETTING –  George’s Chinese Restaurant

PURPOSE – To show what happens when ROCK AND RAP COLLIDE

00:00 – 0:07 – Russell Crowe, doing Russell Crowe things

00:27-00:42 – RZA, Dan, and Patrick trying to decide who should pick up the bill. RZA definitely ordered some crazy expensive meal and was like hey you guys got this right?

00:52 – Growing up on the streets did not prepare RZA for the white boy head-butt

00:53-00:56 – RZA to the viewer “PLEASE GO WATCH MY MOVIE IT’S AS GOOD AS MY MUSIC”

00:57- 1:07: RZA retaliates!! Putting the Rap Game on his back since 93

1:08-1:15 – RZA getting attacked by Dan and Patrick at the same time!!! Mismatches don’t worry the RZA. This one time RZA and GZA took on like 18 Staten Island dudes after a Wu-Tang Clan show and the won!

1:17 -1:28 – RZA “Stop throwing food on me you know how much these threads cost, Bong, Bong”

1:30 – 1:46 – RZA demonstrating an old martial arts technique FISH style. Funny fact it was actually developed an mastered by the Ol’Dirty Bastard at his very own dojo the Brooklyn ZOO.

1:46-1:57 – RZA taking a break from the fight for a………CLOSE UP

2:01-2:02 – RZA shaking down some dude. Apparently the guy told RZA that his movie is OKAY, and RZA took offense.

2:15 -2:18 – RZA reverting back to 93 WU TANG CLAN RZA.

2:25-2:28 – RZA HUNGRY

2:30 – 2:34 – Whoa RZA your getting a little toooooo crazy. I guess Hollywood really makes people go crazy.

2:50 – 2:58 – The Black Keys not only are rock superstars, they are accomplished knife throwers.

2:59 – 3:05 – Not only did RZA use some random dude as a shield, HE RIPPED HIS ARM OFF!!!

3:06-3:08 – Even RZA can’t belive what he just did. QUICK LETS BLAME RAP for this VIOLENCE!!

3:10 – 3:25 – These guys are really hungry they are diving on the floor for a fortune cookie.

3:28 – 3:36 – GEORGE IS NOT HAPPY

3:37 – 3:42 – RZA being the nice guy he is, apologizes. Though if I was a famous rapper in this situation I WOULD NOT APOLOGIZE BECAUSE RAPPERS ARE NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE SORRY EVER. Though RZA gets a pass because he’s the RZA, The Abbot of the Rap GAME.




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