TYB Examines – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us


Welcome to TYB Examines in which either Bur or Jaboy will take a look at a Hip-Hop related video. We know some of these videos can be very confusing, so were hoping to help guide you to better understand the crazy world of HIP-HOP. If you have an recommendations let us know. Today we are taking a look at Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us

Before we start I have never seen this video but apparently it has been viewed more than 100,000,000 TIMES!!!!

Let’s start this MOVIE

0:00-0:06 – Dude looks like a crack head

00:07 – 00:28 – Looks like Macklemore and this crack head are doing some sort of deal in Alaska?

00:29- Yup definitely a crack head look at those EYES.

00:36 -00:47 – Mac carrying his United States of THE HEIST (in stores) flag through the snow forest

00:48 – WHOA a Pirate Ship!!!!!!!

00:49 – 1:04 – RUN RUN we have to get THE HEIST in stores now

1:04 -1:14- Wait Macklemore knows how to fly planes that’s cool I guess?

1:16- 1:21- Random black dude with a camel?

1:25 – 1:50 – Captain Macklemore partying on an expensive ship, wow these rappers can’t think of anything original ……

!:52 -2:03 – Dude camels aren’t allowed in this neighborhood didn’t you get the memo

2:15 – It looks like Captain Macklemore’s ship is invading the U.S quick someone call the U.S’s best battle rappers to stop him

2:31 – 2:54 – Ray Dalton wasn’t invited to the multiple parties Macklemore was having

2:59 – 3:20 – Macklemore is legit all around the world, bumping through your car radio speakers.

3:38 -3:57    Ray Dalton getting that fresh cut on the beach from Macklemore’s sister

3:58 – 5:05 – While everyone is partying Ray Dalton has the flag

5:09 : 5:44 – Okay so Ray Dalton shoots the flag up hits Macklemore who is sky diving, then Mac grabs it, lands in Seattle and raises his flag. Moral of the story Macklemore is realllllllllllly talented.

So to recap, Mackelmore knows how to guide a pack of snow dogs, fly a plane, sail a pirate ship, dance, throw a party, sky dive and be able to parachute in a crowded metropolitan location, oh and I forgot he know how to RAP. So just in case your taking notes you need to know how to do all these things if you want to be a famous rapper in 2013.





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