TYB Examines – Ok, Your Right – 50 Cent



Welcome to TYB Examines in which either Bur or Jaboy will take a look at Hip-Hop related video. We know some of these videos can be very confusing, so were hopping to help guide you through the crazy world of HIP-HOP. If you have a recommendations of what we should do next let us know. Today we are taking a look at 50 Cent’s classic video Ok, Your Right.     HIT THE JUMP

What better way to start this series then with the mad man himself 50 CENT

00:00 – 00:15 – Just in case your wondering your watching a straight T.V MOVIE

00:15 – 00:28 – Wow the POLICE are strapped up look at those guns, they must be fighting some BAD MEN.

00:28 – 00:31 – That cop looks straight up FAKE. Wait why are they shooting  in a hospital?

00:32 – 00:38 – CLOWNS WTF. I hear Clowns hate hospitals so much that they want to rob all the hospitals in the world.

00:38 – 00:54- WAIT 50 is involved with the POLICE and CLOWNS, makes sense………

00:55 – 1:07 – I guess everyone was standing still till Ronald McDonald decided to start shooting/rapping. Wait why is Ronald McDonald rapping in a 50 cent video. When did he hook up with G-UNIT. DID HE FREE YAYO

1:08 – 1:19 – Oh wait that was 50 not Ronald McDonald my bad. 50 probably just ate some McDonalds and thought it would be cool to dress up  as him for this MOVIE

1:20 – 1:24 – WAIT WHY ARE WE AT THE CLUB WHAT ABOUT THE MOVIE (The Club is the movie fool).


1:37 – What happend to these clowns why were they robbing a hospital? Do hospitals have cash like that? Does 50 know something we don’t?

1:48 – That clown was rocking G-UNIT sneakers BTW

2:13 – Whoa a Fire Breather. Do you think 50 was reading some hard core hood book while at the circus when he thought of this video?

2:35 – 50 straight mackin right now. Honest question though, where do you think they are? In a warehouse, G-Unit H.Q, , The CIRCUS?

3:07 – Them G-UNIT girls right now about to expand the G-UNIT Empire to……………….. TRONS world?

3:36 – 50 looks like a Super Hero right here. So just to get things straitened out 50 in this video is a psycho CLOWN who robs hospitals, THE G-UNIT General (Like usual), and a Superhero. Moral of the story G – UNIT likes to have multiple forms of hustle

4:00 – Song ends doesn’t mean this MOVIE has to end

4:05 – 4:10 – Wait what is that CLOWN doing? STOP HIM HE’S GETTING AWAY!

4:14 – Whoa there he just dropped a Funk Master Flex BOMB on NYC!!!!

4:19 – Oh shit it’s 50 CENT in the FIRE. Quick lets blame rap for destroying NYC.

4:20 – That album promotion

This is why 50 Cent needs to be relevant musically agian to do crazy shit like this because 50 as we have learned over the years is crazy.

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