Let’s drop some more lyrical heat at these Finals shall we. Since yesterday’s post was ETHER it’s only natural that I post what actually caused such and outrage. That track for yall who don’t know is Jay-Z’s TAKEOVER. Takeover originally was debuted as a Mobb Deep diss, then eventually Jay added a third verse aimed directly at Nasty Nas. UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT, I think Takeover is a lot better than Ether. First of all consider this, Jay-Z’s one verse is compared to Nas’s full song, which has to mean something. Next Takeover arguably destroyed Prodigy of Mobb Deep. His career was never the same after that song. The biggest difference between the two songs though is their approach and flow. Nas was that dude who comes in gun’s blazing, shouting, acting crazy and emotional. While Jay came in relatively calm and methodically took down Nas like some sort of lawyer or pro debate hitting him with facts. Both are great songs I just prefer Takeover and to be honest it has better replay value then Ether.

Agree/Disagree, Want to record a diss track towards me?



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