CharlieRED – Could Be

CharlieRED is a Blues/R&B/Hip Hop duo that features Rockie Evans (Singer/Rapper), and Cobaine Ivory (Producer/Musician) and I’m amazed that I’m just getting into them now. They’ve got a sound that somehow mixes sounds from Jimi Hendrix, Nas, & Marvin Gaye.

When asked who CharlieRED is Rockie Evan’s responded: “CharlieRED is rugged, honest, won’t fit in, be a dork, awkward kid, a rugged kid that people have to talk to in order for them to understand”. Do with that what you will but give their stuff a listen, because they’re truly soulful and talented as hell. Here’s a track off of their Religion EP entitled Could Be.

Tell me what you think, and support this good music. They’re trying to make it big. If you want to stream their whole album click this link right here.

Hope you enjoy it. Support Good Music.



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