New Tyler The Creator – IFHY/Jamba

Tyler The Creator is releasing  more new music of his upcoming album WOLF. Like the last video release this has a full song then part of another one right at the end.

Tyler The Creator – IFHY/Jamba

The first part of this video is somewhat creepy and really weird, but hey it’s Tyler the Creator.




Throwback Thursday Vol.18. Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin

Today’s Throwback features true legend of the game, Ice Cube. Ice Cube today is more know for his movies and commercials but he got his name rapping about that West Coast gangster life, and rapping about the political corruption of America. I don’t think he gets enough credit as rapper, but at least he’s getting Hollywood money.

Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin



Wild For the Night – A$AP Rocky ft SKRILLEX

Rocky dropped a new video for his song Wild For the Night, featuring the face dubstep Skrillex. This video is not what I would except  given the content of the song but Rocky always likes to claim that he’s “different” from everyone else. Regardless it’s still a solid video and you can claim that it’s like a MOVIE.



10 Years of Diplomatic Immunity

Today is the 10 year anniversary of Dipset’s classic album Diplomatic Immunity. Whether or not you like Dipset you have to admit that they had a huge impact on the game with there flashiness, hard rhymes and humor. It’s too bad that Dipset today is a shell of there former selves. They have had tracks together like Salute in recent memory but they haven’t been on the same page for a while now. Things are looking good now though, they have a 10 year show tonight at B.B Kings, Juelz Santana is making music, Jim Jones and Freaky Zeeky appear to want to do an album. All that’s left is Cam’Ron and who knows what Cam’Ron wants, he has always been someone who marches to the beat of his own drum. Though when he is focused he is one of the best in the game, and I personally consider him legend.

DipsetDipset Anthem 

Shout out to Harlem,


Friday Reggae Party…. Let’s Go!!!!!

I don’t where all of you guys are but it’s still cold where I am. All I know is I want to go to THE BEACH,


I have no idea what Beenie Man is saying except lets go to the beach and honestly that’s okay with me, because this is a reallllly fun song to dance to and its about the beach, who doesn’t like  the BEACH?