Throwback Thursday Vol 14: DMX – GET AT ME DOG

So todays Throwback features the DOG himself DMX. DMX is at this point in his career a shell of his former self. He’s had drug problems, and a lot of legal problems. The rap game has changed a lot since DMX blew up. It’s less street focused, and more emotional (Drake). I’m not saying that the rap game is better or worse than it was, it’s just a lot different. I feel as though DMX is one of those guys who was never able to adjust. Though he still puts out music and performs, the energy he once had and the aura that he once had is no longer there. Honestly the fact that he is alive is a plus. I don’t think anyone will ever match DMX’s energy or have a better first album title It’s Dark and Hell is Hot. Here is one of the first hits off his debut album

DMXGET AT ME DOG (ft Sheek Louch)





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