Throwback Thursday Vol 14: DMX – GET AT ME DOG

So todays Throwback features the DOG himself DMX. DMX is at this point in his career a shell of his former self. He’s had drug problems, and a lot of legal problems. The rap game has changed a lot since DMX blew up. It’s less street focused, and more emotional (Drake). I’m not saying that the rap game is better or worse than it was, it’s just a lot different. I feel as though DMX is one of those guys who was never able to adjust. Though he still puts out music and performs, the energy he once had and the aura that he once had is no longer there. Honestly the fact that he is alive is a plus. I don’t think anyone will ever match DMX’s energy or have a better first album title It’s Dark and Hell is Hot. Here is one of the first hits off his debut album

DMXGET AT ME DOG (ft Sheek Louch)





Big K.R.I.T. Shine On Feat. Bun B

These two rappers are a perfect cross-section of Southern Rap. Big K.R.I.T. coming out of Mississippi is one of the newer southern rappers out there, and his lyrics and different flow is putting him alongside some of the best newer rappers. Bun B, is a LEGEND. Originally from Houston, Texas (and never forgetting it) Bun B is arguably the Godfather of Southern Rap. In the later half of the 80’s he was one half of UGK (UnderGround Kings), with Pimp C. UGK was a staple in rap for a very long time, until Pimp C’s death in 2007.

These two rappers come together to produce a GREAT Southern RAP Track.

UGK For Life.

R.I.P. Pimp C

Let me know what you think of it.


Weird Wednesdays ft GUNPLAYYYYYY

So earlier this week Gunplay’s court case got thrown out, and he dodged a life sentence. For those not familiar with his legal troubles their was a video of him going into an office building and holding someone at gun point. The fact that he got off even with video evidence is really weird. Not only that but Gunplay is kind of a weird looking dude, he has a swastika  tattoo on his back, and he has been caught on camera doing cocaine in Columbia, which is strange. All this combined with the fact that he is part of MMG basically guarantees you a spot on Weird Wednesdays.


And if you need more convincing that Gunplay is a prime candidate for Weird Wednesdays here you go……



50 cent and Erin Andrews at a NASCAR Event?

So NASCAR released a video of 50 Cent creeping on Erin Andrews at yesterday’s Daytona 500. I understand why Erin Andrews is there, she works for FOX Sports, but what was 50 Cent doing at a NASCAR Race. Honestly I’m not even surprised that he was there, I mean 50 cent does what ever he wants. Honestly I’m not even surprised he was creeping on Erin Andrews, I mean it’s Erin Andrews. Honestly the weirdest thing is that the official NASCAR page posted this video.

I guess you can say…..

50 CentP.I.M.P



New Wale: Street Runner

Just the other day, Wale was hanging out at a NBA game just as rappers often do. However, when he made it on the screen, the commentator referred to him as a “local rapper” and that “maybe people will know who he is now that he’s on television”. Frankly it was pretty funny, but he took it pretty seriously.

Nonetheless, he released a new track and video entitled “Street Runner”.

I’m not the biggest MMG fan (Shocking I know). But overall, this track isn’t bad. I enjoy it for what it is.

What do you think?


Don’t call it a Throwback….

JaBoy gives you the real throwbacks every Thursday, but I’ll just give you some dope tunes whenever I can. Today, I’m gonna give you something from one of my favorite rappers. It’s truly not such an amazing song lyrically, but it’s decent and the video is funny as hell.

Cam’ron teams up with Vado a.k.a. V-Twizzy on this track called Girls Cry. These two poets offer some very sound advice to men with girlfriends. “Never let your girl smell your balls“. Oh, and always hit up the club after a fight, and pick up some hood rats on your way out.

Dipset Forever.