Throwback Thursday Vol. 10 : Shook Ones II

One of the most intimidating songs of all time. THE song to goon out to and to start trouble to.

Mobb DeepShook Ones II




Weird Wednesdays: Lil B vs Joey Bada$$

So apparently last night Lil B released a dis track because he took offensive to the late Capital Steez dissing him on a track that came out  almost 10 months ago. The timing is kind of weird but so Lil B to be fair. Joey Bada$$ quickly responded, but this has to be one of the weirdest beefs. Not as weird as the Lil B and Kevin Durant beef but still pretty weird. I guess though Joey Bada$$ reps more old school though of raping while Lil B reps an extreme new school approach, but still very random on Lil B’s part to release a diss track so late.

Lil B- Im The Bada$$ (joey bada$$ DIS AND WARNING SHOT)

Joey Bada$$Don’t Quit your Day Job (Lil B Diss)

Easy Sunday Tunes. Macklemore x Ryan Lewis

What up fam. I hope I’m finding you all well on this God Given day of REST. I had a fun night last night, and as a result I’m just looking for some mellow calm tunes. What’s playing right now is Same Love by: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

This track, got a whole lot of play as of lately because of the message that it preaches. The issue of Homosexual Marriages in the United States is quickly becoming one of the most complex and spoken of topics. Many believe that it goes against the “sanctity” of marriage to allow two people who are not heterosexuals to be married. Inversely, there are others who believe that it is simply unjust, and wrong to deprive two humans who love each other to get married (even if they are homosexuals). It’s a complex and extremely serious topic.

Macklemore’s lyrics offer his perspective on the topic. Whether you agree or disagree with what he has to say, everyone should respect him for his rhymes and his attempts to bring up tough topics through his music.

I’ve been listening to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis from their earliest days in the Hip-Hop game. It’s great to see how they’ve progressed and see how they’re quickly gaining more recognition.

Hope you enjoyed the tune. Be well.


VADO – Killer Wit

VADO has been on this grind this week, dropping SLIME FLU 3. If you are wonder “Who’s Vado?” well he’s a New York raper from HARLEM who is somewhat associated with Dipset, specifically Cam’Ron. He gets very little love outside of New York and even in New York people just see him as Cam’Ron’s boy and thats it. With the release of SLIME FLU 3 though he is proving that he can carry a mixtape and have pretty good tracks without Cam.

VADOKiller Wit (ft Fred The Godson and Jae Millz )

Fred The Godson and Jae Milz also rep New York hard, but they don’t get as much respect as they deserve. Hopefully these three up incomers  can breakthrough and maybe bring back New York Hip Hop to what it once was.



Shout Out to 50 Cent….

Arguably one of the most famous and infamous rappers in the history of the game Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson puts out a new track with Snoop Dog (Lion?), and Young Jeezy (ATL’s most famous, influential, greatest, and yet overrated rapper). It’s a fun track, obviously not some real poetry or anything, but it’s decent for what it is.

Hope you either bump to it, or get a laugh out of it.