The NBA and Rap

Recently I was at Milwaukee Bucks home game and I noticed they were only playing Hip Hop tacks. As soon as I herd BALL SO HARD for the 100th time, I realized that the NBA and Rap have a special bond that no other league has. The flashiness of Rap and the NBA are almost meant for each other. A lot of popular rap today tends to be about doing big baller shit and making a lot of money. Naturally NBA players can relate because they actually are big ballers and they make a lot money. So that leads some ballers to dabble into the rap game.

Lets take a look at some ballers turned rappers shall we?

Stak5- Shot Caller Trill Mix

Stephen “Stak5” Jackson spitten on that Shot Caller beat. I don’t want to say anything negative about Stak5. This is the guy who followed Ron Artest into the stands and started fighting fans even though he wasn’t the one provoked.

Ron Artest – Haterz

Ron being from Queens Bridge has a legacy to uphold. Notable Queens Bridge MC’s include Nas, Capone-N-Norega, and Mob Deep. Does Ron uphold the Queens Bridge legacy……not really

Swizz Beatz- Go New York (Remix)

I know Swizz Beatz doesn’t play in the NBA but this video needs to be addressed. STAT and Carmelo are trying way to hard to be a part of a that rap video life. No lie I almost peed myself the first time I saw  this at MSG. Swizz Beatz actually does a good job giving the Knicks an anthem but the video is too much. The awkward dancing, the odd camera angles, Oy Ve! The fact that STAT isn’t wearing a Knicks shirt is also kind of weird. It’s almost like he came to the video shoot not knowing what the video was for and just took some interns snapback once he realized it was for the Knicks. Well wonder what happens when ballers team up with rappers?

Shaq- No Hook (ft RZA and Method Man)

This song is actually not that bad. Though it could just be my love for Method Man and RZa that’s clouding my judgment. This song proves that under the guidance of RZA anyone can sound like a competent rapper even if your name is Shaq

These aren’t the only ballers to grace the mic but I think you guys get the idea.

Thanks for reading!


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