Throwback Thursday Vol.4

Today’s track is one of my favorite songs of all time, and it comes off one of the most celebrated albums in Hip-Hop. If you didn’t already guess, I’m talking about Nas’s album Illmatic. Now there are a lot of classic tracks off this album but personally my favorite is The World is Yours . Pete Rock is primary producer, and delivers one of his best works, incorperating a smooth jazz sound with some DJ scratching. Nas like usually kills it lyrically painting a picture of despair and eventually coming to realization that there is hope in the world.

The line in this song I’m out for dead presidents to represent me was latter sampled by Jay-Z on Dead Presidents II, which was one of the main reasons they started beefing. So in a sense this song started the Nas vs Jay-Z beef which is considered the greatest beef in Hip-Hop history that does not involve Big and Pac. Classic song, off a classic album, that started a classic beef, need I say more.

Hope You Enjoy


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Colliding days

Its Wednesday that means it’s neither the start of the week nor the end it’s like two world colliding. Theres the boring, work filled part of the week with Sunday, Monday, Tuesday coming together with the fun days of the week in Thursday, Friday Saturday. It’s like two worlds combining to join forces to make a whole new day in Wednesdays. Enough of this crazy talk lets get to the music

Pusha T- Trouble on My Mind (ft Tyler the Creator)

Who else could have put the hipsters with the felons and thugs?



Wu Block and other Collaborations that need to happen

Today marks a glorious day in New York Hip-Hop, the mighty forces of the Wu-Tang Clan and D-Block have joined forces to put out an album simply called Wu Block. I got a chance to listen to the album last night and I must say it seems like these two crews fit perfectly together. It almost feels like this is the crews 5th album together instead of their 1st. That got me thinking which artist should come together and join forces.

5. Waka Flocka, 2 Chainz, and Gunplay– We need at least one collaboration for the strip club. Plus it would be funny to try and figure out which of these three had lyrically the most complex verse

4. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & The Clipse– Rae and Ghost were one of the first duos to really talk about mafia life and living that Scarface life and I feel as though the Clipse took their role as the rap games drug dealing kingpins. Both duos having a very street oriented approach would blend perfectly, and you know if this happens RZA and Pharell will be in the studio together which may make my head explode

3. J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bada$$– These three hail all hail from different regions of the country, South, West, and East Coasts respectively. Even thought they come from different areas of the country all three are considered to be socially conciseness rappers, who use a slowed down style with methodical word play to entertain. This collaboration could highlight the future of rap and really give a good look to Joey Bada$$ who is by far the least know of the three.

2. Schoolboy Q, A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown– School Boy Q and A$AP Rocky already have two songs together (The First was included in our first ever blog post!) and both are very solid tracks. All three have a very unorthedox approach to rapping and like to experiment with production and inflection. If nothing else this album will probably be one of the most unique albums in recent memory with a lot of references to drugs. Plus the three of them together are hilarious.

1. Jay-Z and Nas– This album on the real needs to happen. The two longtime rivals appear to be friends now so this is not out of the realm of possibility. Both are considered two greatest of all time and this could be a way for them to compete track by track one last time winner take all. I propose they do an album 14 tracks, 7 produced by Salaam Remi and 7 produced by Kanye West. Then a panel of well respected and well known Hip-Hop people come together ( Yes I am inviting my self) and decide who won. Both rappers would be motivated to win, they can say whatever they want but their is no way that they don’t see themselves as each others biggest rivals.

Competition among artist is what makes the collaborations so great because when a guest feature is done right you can tell that both artist are trying to one up each other and have the best verse, which ultimately leads to higher quality music and raging debates.

A Quick Cross-Section of NY Rap.

Today’s post shows a couple of NY Rapper’s who have solidified themselves as staples for the greatest city in the world. Both come from the city, but come with two completely different flows, crews, and outcomes from their songs.

First of all, we got none other than Killa Cam’ron, hailing from none other than Harlem. The godfather of Dipset, his style has always just been straight up gully and ridiculous. Remember that pink range rover? Of course you do, at this point in his career he’s definitely a veteran; rapping since 1998 (currently 36 years old) he’s got some years in the game, and no doubt some dope songs. But in his song today, he decides to be featured on a Wiz Khalifa track called The Bluff.

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m no hater on Wiz but he seems like a clown in this track and I think that his verses have just grown old to me. Also is it just me, or is it odd to see him walking down Malcolm X Boulevard with his ridiculous Cali style? Cam, comes into the track midway through the song and gives a couple nice bars that save this song for me. It doesn’t have much lyrical content for me, and the beat is just okay.
On the complete opposite spectrum today is none other than Funeral Fab, F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S. Coming out of BedStuy in Brooklyn, starting rapping at about the same time as Killa Cam he made a name for himself speaking mostly about money and NYC. However, he does it in a way that I never get tired of. He’s raw, he’s real, and he doesn’t really follow trends that many rappers do. It also seems like he never leaves the city, hence his decision to call this track SoNY.

This track I’ve been bumping through my headphones since about September when he released it, and I’ve been waiting to check the video for a long time. He in a sense dedicates the video specifically to the citizens of NYC who lived through Sandy and are working to keep NYC the way it is. Sick track.
Be well fam.


If Monday were a song…..

The weather is gloomy. You need to wear five layers just to go outside. Work is piling up. You feel as though you never see sunlight anymore. Then you relize it’s only MONDAY! I feel as though if any day of the week was a hater it would definitely be Monday. Monday is so bad that people say “Oh just a case of the Mondays”. So if Monday ever became a song this would definitely be it.

DJ Drama – Im’a Hater (ft Waka Flocka, Tyler the Creator, and D Dash)

This track is off of DJ Dramas new album Quality Street Music. The song isn’t actually performed by DJ Drama. Certain DJ’s put out albums that highlight artist and producers that they bring together. Essentially DJ Drama is the one who got everyone working together in the studio.

I found it very surprising that Tyler was on this track because he usually does not do feauters outside the Odd Future Collective. Though Tyler has gone on record saying that he loves Brick Squad that probably motivated him to get on this track. Tyler clearly has the best verse on this song if only for his Dave Chapelle show reference!

Overall this track is pretty solid, maybe Monday isn’t that bad after all

Hope You Enjoy


Hungover H.O.V.A. Sunday

What’s good fam. Woke up today at 1:00 PM with a raging headache after a pretty fun evening of activities. So today, I’m filling my day with some smoother tunes, no heavy Waka Flocka for me today. So lemme hit you guys with this track.

In this tune Mr. Carter is talking about his early love that he lost, because of his actions with other ladies. But he’s too much of a thug to cry, so he had to make the Song Cry with the smooth beat and illest lyrics.

Off his 2002 The Blueprint, Jay-Z kills this track and tells a story any man can relate to. Don’t lose the one’s you’ve got.

Live well.


James Bond

I  just saw the new James Bond film Skyfall today and I must say it was very good. Daniel Craig kills it as 007, and the plot is solid as most Bond films are. To celebrate another wonderful Bond film I though I would share  a wonderfull track from the legend Nas.

Nas- Black Bond

This is a bonus track of Nas’s new album Life Is Good, very solid track off one of the best albums of the year. It’s to bad that this song didn’t make into Skyfall.


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